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The third component of the Scala365™ suite is the Manual (240+ pages), which is now in its fifth edition and has sold over 4,000 copies since the first printing in 2016.

In the book, Across Health’s omnichannel experts Ruud Kooi, Fonny Schenck and Beverly Smet describe and discuss the highways and byways of omnichannel excellence in the life sciences.

The Missing manual for pharma marketersYou will gain in-depth knowledge on: 

  • Creating patient centric growth through multichannel marketing
  • Turning insights into strategy
  • Overcoming the challenges of digital marketing in Pharma
  • Pharma friendly Search Engine Marketing & Display Advertising
  • Teledetailing: from strategy to implementation
  • eMedical
  • Tablet detailing
  • Website Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Email Marketing
  • Impact measurement & analytics
  • The Multichannel Rep
  • The Future of Pharma in a digital world

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Stay ahead with the ultimate OCE guide

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