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Improve your brand’s omnichannel leadership & customer experience versus your direct competitors

  • How do physicians rate the overall omnichannel engagement quality of your brand vs competition?

  • Which strategic channel and content decisions should you take to boost customer experience and business impact?

  • Which content attributes should you prioritize?

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Give your brand the direction it needs. Put Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark to work for you.

  • Delivers HCP customer experience insights on your brand and up to six competitors
  • Covers 32 individual channels, plus channel and content attributes and overall brand benchmark KPIs, including NPS, CES and overall Cx
  • Report includes up to 50 pages full of actionable benchmarking research
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What's new in 2023?

  • Expanded channel catalogue (9 additional channels)
  • One-page ‘brand vignette’ executive summary
  • New brand-level KPI: Omnichannel performance
  • Additional benchmarking on content attributes
  • Channel prioritization for each brand
  • Additional benchmarking on engagement frequency
  • Brand-level reach for key channels 
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Navigator365™ offers you all the tools and evidence to answer your key business questions and deliver a signature customer experience.

As part of the Navigator365™ product suite, Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark leverages almost 10 years of industry-leading Navigator expertise – with a global footprint and unparalleled technology base.

Benchmark your brand for omnichannel leadership! Navigator 365TM Cx Benchmark offers a wealth of actionable benchmarking insights to help you take the right strategic channel and content optimization decisions versus your key competitors.

popular features

  • Insights on 32 channels, 4 channel attributes, 5 content attributes and 5 overall brand benchmark KPIs
  • Report  in PDF/PPTX with up to 50 pages full of actionable benchmarking research

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A treasure trove of over 50 million datapoints gathered from over 60,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, Navigator365™ Core gives you valuable insights into the omnichannel customer and competition landscape, including prescriber preferences & industry landscape in terms of channels, content and media in over 20 therapeutic and geographic markets.

popular features

  • Truly actionable omnichannel insights 
  • Up to 200 pages full of research
  • Cloud-based, highly interactive analytics and Powertools
  • Integrated with the Planner & Tracker tool

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Ready to benchmark your brand for omnichannel excellence leadership by making the most out of your Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark data?

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