e-Medical Education

Integrated Cross-channel customer engagement

The volume of medical information is expanding faster than HCPs ability to assimilate and apply it effectively. HCPs frequently find it difficult to keep up with the latest data and findings in today’s time pressured environment. 

There is already an abundance of digital resources available to educate, inform and update healthcare professionals, and to help them share and discuss cases and for them to seek advice and guidance on their decisions. 

However, deciding which resource is most appropriate for different HCP audiences can remain challenging. By understanding the needs of different HCPs with our in-house Navigator data, it is possible to create and design medical education programmes they will genuinely value and use. 

There are many widely used tactics, although every therapeutic area has different wants and needs. We partner with our customers to provide a bespoke programme that will achieve your goals and meet your target HCPs’ needs. 


The Medical Navigator 3.0 Medical provides channel affinity and deep dive into 6 key medical channels (both pharma-owned and not), as well as the reach and impact of different third party channels.


eLearning/CME programmes – increasing educational reach at low incremental costs 
Virtual congresses – using the latest tech to bring vital congress data to the HCP
Self-service and educational portals – Online medical education and information portal open and ready 24/7
Peer-to-peer interaction – webinars, podcasts, eMSLS and eKOLs, best practice approaches to enable you to effectively communicate your data 
Extending the standalone – supporting offline with the online, extending the life and value of your standalone event
Third-party channels – how to select the best partner to reach your unknown customers

For more information on any of this, please contact Ben Harbour, Across Health eMedical expert and UK Managing Director.

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