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The missing manual for omnichannel customer engagement in biopharma

EVIDENCE-BASED OMNICHANNEL – Delighting pharma customers in the omnichannel age

The Missing Manual – Fifth, fully revised & updated edition – Buy now!

Are you delighting your customers in the omnichannel age?

This book gives you all the insights you need to establish and maintain superior omnichannel experiences with healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Take a look inside!


By blending their extensive hands-on know-how with a uniquely rich body of evidence, the Across Health experts have developed a unique approach that will help every life sciences company make significant strides on the road to omnichannel excellence.

The Missing Manual - Full of actionable insights and clear guidelines to boost and direct your company’s customer engagement strategy & high-impact execution.

You will gain in-depth knowledge on: 

  • From omnichannel ecosystem to customer-centric strategy
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • eMedical
  • The Omnichannel Rep
  • Email Engagement
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Website Engagement
  • Patient-centric Engagement
  • Impact measurement & analytics
  • Agile mix planning
  • The Future of Pharma in a digital world

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