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Featured Offering: Navigator 365 

Why our Navigator 365 platform is your new “licence to operate”

Navigator 365 2020 version

This is the time to start reimagining the future of customer engagement. And any strategy will have to be supported by robust facts. Our feature-rich, cloud-based Navigator platform lends itself uniquely to this challenge. 

Historic mix data may well have lost most of their value. Fresh data will be your “licence to operate” in the next normal. That’s why we run the 2020 version of Navigator 365 as early as June and a second part in October. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that Navigator is not “research for research’s sake”, but a very actionable component of your strategy, execution optimization and impact measurement. 

Stay ahead of the competition and discover why 40+ pharma companies are using the data…

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Reimagine customer engagement: COVID-19... and beyond!

Free resources to help you navigate the multichannel maze

Across Health elearning modules

We understand kicking off a multiyear omnichannel strategy – more relevant than ever in these COVID-times! - is not the first & foremost priority NOW for you… Instead you may need some quick & easy-to-implement tactics, and to demonstrate our continued commitment to the industry, Across Health is offering two free COVID-related webinars and the latest Maturometer Snapshot and Spotcheck reports.

Once your quick fixes are in place, we strongly recommend embarking on a robust omnichannel engagement and transformation strategy. As Sun-Tzu stated: “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. 

Things may never be the same again…

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Across Health is a trusted advisor to senior leaders of innovative multinational healthcare organizations. With a focus on customer engagement in the digital age, we partner with our clients to design, develop, execute and measure evidence-based, omnichannel customer engagement strategies and companywide digital transformation programmes – for the short, medium and long term.

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