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The best way to learn is to do

Despite the need for life science companies to move beyond the offline customer engagement model, digital transformation in sales, marketing and medical continues to move slowly.

Learning is essential when it comes to boosting your customer engagement teams’ knowledge, skills and mindset. But we do our best learning by doing – and this is where Omnitopia™ comes in.

Omnitopia™ is an online multiplayer game that aims to help participants to better understand the key concepts of evidence-driven omnichannel customer engagement

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Simulate the experience of planning and executing a real omnichannel campaign

Omnitopia™ effectively simulates the experience of planning and executing a real omnichannel campaign in a truly competitive setting.


  • Learn the guiding principles of omnichannel customer engagement in a classroom or virtual setting by doing
  • Face real-life dilemmas, so that insights can be applied
  • Experience immediate effects of choices
  • Have a shared, fun and engaging learning experience


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Experiment and learn in a safe but engaging environment

The game is played in a series of rounds – during which players progressively learn more about the environment and the key principles of omnichannel engagement – and built around a solid process from strategy to tactics covering 5 strategic dimensions.

In Omnitopia™, players are encouraged to experiment and learn – with dashboards displaying the outcomes from the choices you make. This instant feedback can help you to become more agile in planning and execution tracking. 

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3 games for 3 different settings

Each designed to boost participants’ skills and mindset when it comes to omnichannel engagement in a specific setting.

Prepare for the launch of a key brand by creating a plan that will generate strong customer engagement and boost sales and market share in the most cost-effective way.

  • Designed for commercial cross-functional teams
  • Launch scenario
  • Commercial KPIs

Raise the scientific knowledge level of your customers through superior customer engagement during the pre-launch phase of a new product.

  • Designed for medical teams
  • Pre-launch scenario
  • Medical KPIs

Orchestrate various offline and digital channels alongside the available face-to-face capacity to generate strong customer experience and engagement in support of a new product launch.

  • Designed for field commercial staff
  • Launch scenario
  • Commercial KPIs

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at scale in the next normal

Ask to speak to one of our experts about how Omnitopia™ can help develop the strategic skills and mindset you and your team need to conquer the hearts of your customers in the omnichannel age.

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“There were aspects of the interactions we have digitally with our customers that we didn't quite understand. But after playing the game, it was much clearer how to strategically plan and also how to measure and adapt accordingly”

Top 10 biopharma company

“The basic [omnichannel] concepts have been taught before, but laying that foundation and then applying it in a gamified manner really challenged our team and helped us understand the intricacies”

Top 10 biopharma company

“A fun way to gain further insight regarding the benefits of omnichannel interactions with HCPs and the outcomes from each type of interactions… It also allowed us to gain an interesting perspective as to the most appropriate mix of channels while considering the ROI”

Field Commercial
Top 10 biopharma company

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