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Optimize your strategy execution quality with easy-to-use dashboards

Three out of five companies rate their organization weak at execution (HBR 2008). By the same token, a brilliant OCE strategy can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there…and execution quality in turn highly depends on measurability (“what gets measured, gets done.”)

That’s why we added the cloud-based Navigator365™ Tracker to the Core and Planner components, so you can take your Core data from the planning phase through to execution and impact tracking. There is no need for complex CRM integrations or involvement from IT.  All you have to do is define your high-level campaign plan and subsequently enter your campaign result data. Tracker will in return reward you with out-of-the-box dashboards allowing you to stay or get on track. 

Apply your lessons learned throughout the campaign and grow your competitive edge and customer preference…campaign by campaign.

Tracker is a complimentary companion tool to any Navigator365™ Core purchase.




Key features

1.  Guided high-level omnichannel planning

2.  Out of the box, self-service reporting on channel & campaign performance

3.  Pre-built channel & campaign dashboards


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