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Agile mix planning has never been a strength in biopharma…but things are starting to move!

Agile mix planning has never been a strength in biopharma…but things are starting to move!

Join over 50 life science companies in 40 countries

Join over 50 life science companies in 40 countries

COVID-19 as the tipping point for customer engagement in life sciences

The evolution of biopharma towards omnichannel excellence had been generally slow, until COVID-19 hit. This unprecedented crisis has had an unprecedented impact on our personal and professional lives – and also fundamentally (and, arguably, forever) disrupted the go-to-market model in pharma.

The Navigator365TM end-to-end cloud-based OCE product suite: your new licence to operate in a post-C19 world

This is the time to start reimagining the future of customer engagement, where any strategy will have to be supported by robust facts and easy-to-track execution – at scale, across the globe…whether it’s for an ongoing campaign, an upcoming launch, resource allocation,…. 

Proactive companies have already started to develop, pilot and scale omnichannel customer engagement scenarios for the post-COVID era. If you want to stay ahead, the end-to-end cloud-based Navigator365 product suite will be of great help.

Navigator365TM: a full featured omnichannel product suite

  • The backbone of the product suite is Navigator365™ Core, which offers robust – and uniquely actionable - omnichannel insights specific to individual countries and TAs.
  • The perfect companion to translate Navigator365 Core insights into a robust and quantifiable customer/campaign strategy is the cloud-based, self-service Navigator365™ Planner, which allows you to seamlessly leverage Core data in a robust step-by-step process.
  • Last but not least, the cloud-based Navigator365™ Tracker offers you a solid and time-tested foundation to track whether the execution of your OCE strategy is performing as planned, offering easy-to-understand dashboard views on channel and campaign results. 

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Power your OCE strategy with truly actionable insights

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Translate your OCE strategy into a robust plan

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Track your OCE campaign for high impact

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Gaining Insight Building Strategy Optimizing Execution Tracking Impact Boosting OCE Capabilities See full overview

Navigator365 Core Navigator365 Planner Navigator365 Tracker

Our services and products: a comprehensive customer engagement ecosystem

The Navigator365 tools are tightly interwoven with all 4-steps of our end-to-end OCE framework, and key Navigator365 findings constitute the core of our Scala365 capability boosting offerings.
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