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I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.


One of the key offerings of the Scala365 capability-building product suite is Scala365™ Game, a highly rated online serious multiplayer game. Simulating the real experience is one of the most effective ways to make learners fully understand the key concepts of omnichannel customer engagement. 

The game is set in Omnitopia, a fictitious country, has up to 5 rounds, and lets customer-facing staff:

  • Learn the guiding principles of OCE in a classroom or virtual setting by doing
  • Face real-life dilemmas, so that insights can be applied
  • Experience immediate effects of choices
  • Have a shared, fun and engaging learning experience

Watch an introduction and some instruction videos below. 

"Omnitopia is a great tool to engage teams and boost their Omnichannel Customer Engagement knowledge. We’ll definitely continue our OCE journey and implement it in real life!"

Executive Director, top 10 pharmaco

"I was very impressed by the methodology of Omnitopia, and I see it as an important change management tool for people in the organization to be reskilled in the way of thinking, managing and operating in the omnichannel world."

Global Head, top 10 pharmaco

"Omnitopia playfully creates a working world in which one can juggle the new virtual framework. Going through several rounds of generating more and more information gradually introduces the teams to these new or changed conditions very well. The intermediate results also boost the competitive character - a learning world that is also fun!"

Sales leader, top 10 pharmaco


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