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A source of industry and customer dissatisfaction…

A source of industry and customer dissatisfaction…

Strategy development: our proven 6 step approach

Strategy development: our proven 6 step approach

FROM actionable  insights to omnichannel STRATEGY

In “The art of war” the Chinese philosopher Sun-Tzu once wrote “Putting tactics before strategy is the noise before defeat”. This also holds true for biopharma, where the traditionally disconnected “tactics first” or the “shiny object syndrome” approach have not helped, resulting in chronically low levels of satisfaction. A robust omnichannel strategy starts from key business objectives and blends them with customer, company and brand insights, to finally arrive at a measurable AND actionable OCE strategy. Indeed, Sun Tzu is also right with this one: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.”

Six steps is all it takes

Across Health follows a proven 6-step framework for strategy formulation, planning and measurability. In this highly interactive process we leverage several tailored, time-tested building blocks: insight & innovation workshops, customer touchpoint journey maps, measurable business cases, omnichannel transformation roadmaps, and, specifically for perilaunch situations, our Omnichannel Launch Excellence framework (O.L.E). 

Parts of the OCE strategy process can be run in self-service mode, leveraging the cloud-based Navigator365™ Planner, which translates your OCE strategy into a robust, measurable campaign plan, seamlessly integrating key Navigator365™ Core insights.

One of the key success criteria for the strategy formulation step is internal capabilities (knowledge, skills) - and mindset, for which we have developed a full suite of industry-leading offerings under the Scala365 umbrella.

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Our services and products: a comprehensive customer engagement ecosystem

Innovation strategy is the second phase in our 4-step, end-to-end OCE framework.  It is tightly interwoven with Navigator365 Core and its companion tools, and boosted by our Scala365 capability-building offerings. We invite you to continue your discovery journey here…or contact us directly!


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