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End-to-end omnichannel consulting services – built on a robust evidence base – to boost your customer engagement

As the pharma industry evolves, so too must the strategies employed by pharma to effectively engage with HCPs, payers and other stakeholders. By focusing on the customer journey as a whole, the omnichannel approach enables you to leverage multiple engagement channels – both on- and offline – in concert to deliver a seamless and valued experience for your customers.

At Across Health, we can partner with you on all aspects of your customer engagement strategy: from developing a dynamic and executable omnichannel strategy, through supporting you with your omnichannel impact measurement approach, to upskilling your omnichannel team. Book an exploratory call with one of our experts to understand how our end-to-end strategic services can help you deliver the kind of customer experience that today’s HCPs expect.

Hands-on omnichannel campaign formulation

Our strategic consulting services – fueled by the latest HCP & industry insights from our Navigator365™ research – can help you develop a dynamic and executable omnichannel customer engagement strategy that puts the customer at the centre of every interaction.

  • Behavioural shift journeys
  • Channel mix optimization
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Identifying success metrics
  • Handovers from global to local teams

Our interactive and engaging workshops offer a hands-on approach, bringing our proprietary data to life and offering unique insights and actionable strategies tailored to your brand's specific challenges and opportunities. Co-create your own transformative journey with the support of our expert guidance and exclusive data insights.

Strategic analytics & campaign optimization

ROI questions are the fastest growing bottleneck (Maturometer™). Organizations struggle to measure omnichannel campaign impact due to uncertainties in choosing metrics, evaluating measurement methods, and applying insights from multiple channels.

We can offer support in analyzing feasibility, implementing omnichannel impact measurement strategies, and providing continuous guidance based on the latest insights.

  • Measurement & KPI feasibility analysis & implementation
  • Omnichannel campaign optimization
  • Dashboard & report creation, synthesizing data from multiple channels

Let us help you streamline your measurement approach, by focusing on the metrics that truly matter and transforming data into actionable strategies.

Capability building & practical skill development

Despite pharma’s investment in digital rising, satisfaction with the outcomes from HCPs and pharma has plateaued (Maturometer™). How can your organization and teams enhance their skills to better utilize existing assets and platforms, and amplify your campaigns’ impact?

  • Landscape Analysis Insights™: Ground your strategy in data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Campaign Strategy & Tactic Skills™: Discover strategies that match your vision and market needs. Get practical training in essential omnichannel tactics.
  • Omnitopia™ multiplayer game: Get the experience of planning and executing a real omnichannel campaign.

Omnichannel campaign formulation

“Across Health made it possible for us to build an omnichannel strategy that fits our maturity level, meaning we could implement it instantly. Across Health’s pragmatic approach in combination with their end-to-end expertise makes it the perfect partner to bring omnichannel to life.”

Head of Omnichannel

Omnichannel capability development

“Great mix of theory, exercises, group discussions, and real cases. In addition, the content focused on our business needs, such as how to measure success and how to ensure successful orchestration. The content covered in the course is relevant to our daily work and is very practical.”

Director Marketing Operations

Omnichannel campaign analytics

“Thanks to Across Health we were able to move away from defining new KPIs and one-off reports for every campaign. We now have a continuous and consistent measurement approach that is translated into a dashboard which is being used by all brands throughout Europe.”

Head of Omnichannel

Discover how our strategic consulting services can help accelerate your journey towards delivering an unparalleled omnichannel customer experience.

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