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Integrated Cross-channel customer engagement

Until now, most companies have been experimenting with digital in isolation. Disconnected marketing and in many cases limited budgets have resulted in mixed business outcomes at best. Companies are coming to realize that digital is not just about “differentiation” and “innovation” — the next stage is “fusion”, the robust integration of digital into the overall mix. Indeed, there are no single-channel customers… every customer consults several channels - online and offline - depending on needs, channel preference, marketing triggers, ….

Why is it so important to implement?

There has never been a greater number of channels for companies to communicate with patients and HCPs, but marketers are struggling to consolidate the opportunity. The saying ‘tactics in search of strategy’ still holds true. Part of the problem is that the proven tactics are perceived as not being modern enough, meaning the focus falls on “innovative” new channels. And most projects never go beyond small-scale pilots. And finally, digital is often not integrated with the other channels – which would ensure a seamless customer experience, and a significantly better business impact.

How does Across Health drive your implementation?

We help our clients optimize the channel mix (impact and cost-effectiveness) for their customers, based on a powerful blend of our extensive experience and proprietary market research. We also set up and nurture the cross-channel customer database in terms of channel preference/acceptance/behaviour to allow micro-targeting, as well as assessing engagement and business impact. We also provide hands-on consultants to execute the programme.

In most cases, Across Health oversees the entire process from strategy through execution and impact measurement. In that sense, we could be seen as the “architect” of your cross-channel efforts. Our experts help you design an optimal cross-channel “house” based on your needs and then manage the execution through partnering with top-notch subcontractors… while you have only one person to talk to, rather than juggling a multitude of agencies and IT partners.

What are the results?

A key indicator for success is our unique Multichannel Equivalent concept. This is a framework to measure the impact of new channels relative to the impact of the fieldforce (for promotion) or scientific meetings/MSL’s (for medical purposes). A key benefit of this approach is that companies understand this KPI readily, as it links the new (digital) to the long-established gold standard. Of course, there is more to cross-channel than just creating the same share of voice through multichannel – there is a need to move more towards pull, personalization and online/offline integration… but it is a great start.

We have run several cross-channel projects so far, in diverse geographic markets and therapy areas. Typical outcomes include:

  • Sales evolution in multichannel groups similar to rep-supported segments (at much lower cost)
  • Customer engagement levels going up
  • Customer profiles enriched with multichannel information (email acquisition, channel acceptance & responsiveness,…)
  • Organizational change toward cross-channel operations

We run these programmes for HCPs and patients, in the medical, marketing as well as sales area.

We can also assist with the implementation & activation of key channels, for instance remote detailing or eMSL.

For more information, please contact us.

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