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Digital transformation in pharma companies: November’s 1000 to 1 topic

1000 to 1 cartoon - Digital transformation

Digital transformation in pharma is finally progressing. More senior level recognition has led to more money flowing into (ever better planned) digital initiatives. While this is sufficient, and indeed necessary, for organizational transformation… It’s not a guarantee it will take route.  

The right people, technology, metrics, and a “burning platform” for change are also key for a real acceleration of an organisations digital capabilities.

Our latest 1000 to 1 issue takes a look at the key enabling factors necessary for pharma’s digital transformation to accelerate.



Pharma’s journey to the multichannel rep: October’s 1000 to 1 topic

1000 to 1 cartoon - Multichannel rep

Just how important is face to face interaction with physicians? Can you imagine a world where this is the icing on the cake of interaction with customers – with many other parts of the relationship happening digitally? Look around, and this world is almost visible – and in pharma, this means the multichannel rep is almost here.

But is hope and desire matching to execution? Not always so much. Join us for the next instalment of our 1000 to 1 series – to see whether the reality of the multichannel rep is within reach for pharma today.



Segmentation models to improve communication with HCPs: August’s 1000 to 1 topic

1000 to 1 cartoon - Segmentation models

We continue to see a worrying misalignment between the types of communications that pharma is delivering and what HCPs want to receive. Pharma is driving against the traffic in its communication with physicians. However, any roadmap must begin with more comprehensive, agile and nuanced customer insights.

New segmentation models can help understand the best way to engage with HCPs. Find out more on our latest 1000 to 1 issue. 



The real use of the multichannel rep: May’s 1000 to 1 topic

1000 to 1 cartoon - Multichannel rep

The promise of digital engagement with stakeholders is alluring – but many worry that removing the personal contact provided by reps could undermine relationship building. One of the leading solutions to this dilemma is to turn traditional reps into multichannel orchestrators.

While much ink has been spilt on this, the full potential of this model is not necessarily being experienced by physicians.

Read more details about this month's 1000 to 1 subject on our blog.



A 1000 to 1: Across Health’s view on the topics of the day

Pharma is generating ever more content, ranging from descriptions about products to patient stories, to webinars, to emails…. But all this is irrelevant if the right physicians don’t see it at the right time.

The gap between what HCPs want and what HCPs get – the digital divide – is only growing.

Dive into the details of this month's 1000 to 1 subject: check out our vlog by Fonny Schenck, CEO, and blog by Philip Baciaz here.

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