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Embrace the new MATRIX

Unlock 4 evidence-based FREE RESOURCES for omnichannel success in the Never Normal

omnichannel customer engagement

Entering the Matrix of omnichannel engagement is a daunting prospect for biopharma. But in the Never Normal, where customer expectations are changing all the time, an agile go-to-market strategy is a must. It’s a red pill/blue pill choice. Do you go for red – and accept the painful truth of the need to adapt to a new reality? Or do you choose blue – returning to the alternate reality of an old normal on borrowed time? There’s only one real choice. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, take the red pill – and put your customers first through evidence-based planning.

Across Health’s evidence-based toolkit is custom-designed to help biopharma companies plan and execute OCE campaigns for the Never Normal. Sign up to the program today. We’ll help you escape the old Matrix – and embrace the new one – together.

Sign up for free access to our 4-step evidence-based OCE toolkit that will help you to:

"Interesting trends pre & post COVID in omnichannel customer engagement."

Global capability director OCE, top 10 pharmaco

"The training is interactive, diversified informative, and a MUST to complete for every pharma employee working in a commercial function."

T&D Manager, top 10 pharmaco

"Highly interactive and entertaining way to address key training needs in the industry."

EUCAN training leader, leading biotech company

"Great compendium with a lot of best practices guiding the transformation of the digital customer engagement in biopharma."

Commercial Excellence Leader, Europe

OCE strategy development

1. Understand market trends - On-demand webinar 'Key trends in the HCP mix'

Whether you’re in the New, Next or Never normal, the only way to prevent digital fatigue among your HCP customers is to design and execute a customer-centric omnichannel engagement strategy, powered by evidence.

Drawing on real-world insights from our Navigator365™ Core platform, this on-demand webinar, part of the 'Reimagine customer engagement' webinar series, goes back to the future to explore the key shifts in market dynamics in 2020 vs. 2019 – and what they mean for omnichannel customer engagement in 2021 and beyond.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • HCP shifts in channel & content affinity & impact 
  • HCP interest in & (dis)satisfaction with biopharma’s digital offerings
  • Emerging competitor moves
omnichannel campaign planning

2. Define a customer-centric strategy - OCE strategy playbook

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun-Tzu’s wise words certainly hold true for biopharma, where a ‘tactics-first’ approach to digital engagement – a.k.a ‘shiny object syndrome – has typically resulted in low levels of customer satisfaction.  There’s a better way.

Our strategy playbook demonstrates that omnichannel leaders combine key business objectives with customer, company and brand insights to create measurable and actionable OCE strategies.

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • The guiding principles of OCE strategy development and methodology
  • A step-by-step approach to OCE campaign planning
  • How to identify and avoid pitfalls in OCE strategy
pharma omnichannel success

3. Set up and run your campaign - Agile mix interactive module

Today’s marketers simply have to be agile. The best adopt an iterative approach that allows them to test a range of channels, content and media, measure results and make rapid optimization decisions. If you’re not nimble, you’re nowhere.

Take the agile mix module from our Navigator365™ Learning platform to learn how agile methodology can be integrated into your campaign planning. Check out our proven 6-step framework, and prioritize channels according to best practices for speed and impact. 

In this interactive module, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of agile marketing methodology
  • 6-step process for omnichannel campaign planning
  • Best practice principles for omnichannel success
pharma omni channel initiatives

4. Monitor campaign impact - Omnichannel case study

Money matters. The results of our 2021 Maturometer confirm that despite the growth of digital budgets, the industry continues to struggle with measuring the ROI of digital. Our omnichannel case study shows how solid impact measurement can influence key-decision making and build the bridge between marketing & sales. 

In this omnichannel case study, you’ll learn:

  • How to design and set up an omnichannel approach while enhancing your database with specific behavioral data around HCPs
  • To establish a business case for omnichannel and prove its impact
  • How to provide field force with hot leads and context on what triggered their interest

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