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Omnichannel maturity in 2022: watch our RECORDED webinar!


How did pharma’s 2022 predictions on key omnichannel trends compare with the real data?

The final results of our 2022 customer engagement survey are out. Curious to find out how good are you at predictions?

Industry insights

A month in the (omnichannel) life of a Spanish oncologist

Interested to know how often our cohort of European specialists are exposed to content from pharma-owned channels in an average month – and how this compares with 2019? Check out our "Chart of the month", and find out more. 

Industry insights

Few German oncologists are keen to return to pre-Covid levels of face-to-face engagement

Most countries recently relaxed their Covid restrictions (or in some cases removed them completely), and it might be tempting to want to get “back to normal” by stepping up significantly rep visits with your customers. But what do physicians prefer themselves? Check out our "Chart of the month", and find out.

Industry insights

What does the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ predict for customer engagement in 2022?

The key 2022 HCP customer engagement results are out. Curious to learn what your 70+ peers predicted on the HCP interest & satisfaction in digital pharma offerings?



How did ‘Wisdom of the crowds’ predictions on HCP interest in digital compare with the real data?

The final results of our 2021 customer engagement survey are out. Curious to find out how good are you at predictions?


Get the latest industry-leading insights via our educational and product demo webinars!

Customer expectations are changing all the time so making a robust campaign plan can be challenging. Is your omnichannel engagement plan solid enough for the (post-) pandemic era? Discover more via our on-demand webinars! 


Embrace the new MATRIX: unlock 4 evidence-based FREE resources to omnichannel success!

Our brand-new omnichannel engagement matrix is live! Deep dive to discover more about how can this custom-designed toolkit help you develop an agile go-to-market strategy for the NeverNormal!


The Maturometer is back to offer a unique view into omnichannel excellence key trends

The Across Health Maturometer, the most widely referenced research on the state of digital maturity in the life sciences, now in its 13th edition already, will give you a unique view into key trends in the space of digital transformation and omnichannel excellence. Watch our recorded webinar to discover the findings!


Discover our resources to personalize customer experience in a post-C19 world

Developing an agile go-to-market strategy for the Never Normal ranks (very) high on most executive agendas. What will be needed to be successful and lead in the new space? Read the latest Come Across Newsletter to learn more about our resources to help you reimagine customer engagement! 

Industry insights

VEEVA/ACROSS whitepaper - The Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration for Omnichannel Engagement

Produced by Across Health and Veeva, this whitepaper will give you a better understanding of how pharma can empower sales and marketing to share a common 360° customer view to deliver great customer experiences. 

Industry insights

Optimize virtual congresses for the post-COVID era

Ben Harbour (Senior Consultant, Across Health) shared with PME magazine some of his views to optimise virtual congresses post-COVID. Don’t miss the interview!


Precision Value & Health acquires Across Health

Precision Value & Health acquires global omnichannel engagement leader, Across Health. EU-based team brings a unique omnichannel optimization platform and digital transformation capabilities to leading life-sciences companies. 

Industry insights

Wisdom of the crowds predictions on HCP interest in digital

The key 2021 EU5 HCP customer engagement results are out. Curious to find out what your 100+ peers were thinking? HCP interest & satisfaction in digital pharma offerings is increasing and the share of digital in marketing budgets is predicted to go up too…



Improving the HCPs' online learning experience

Beverly Smet (SVP Global Accounts) shared with Online Seminar his views on the positive impact of webinars in the pharmaceutical industry. Don't miss the interview!


2020, it’s (almost) a wrap

We are nearing the end of 2020. At Across Health, we look back at a year where our partnerships with customers grew more in-depth and more and more rooted in evidence & experience. Full of disruptions and unexpected turns, this year also gave us the opportunity to stress test our offerings, which have proven a perfect fit to navigate the omnichannel customer engagement maze.  


Ready to reimagine the future of HCP engagement?

Watch our webinar "C19: Respond, recover & reimagine the future of HCP engagement" and discover how the insights from our Navigator365™ platform can be used for evidence-based omnichannel HCP journey planning, orchestration, measurement - and ongoing optimization.


Digital acceleration in biopharma – Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage

Watch our first iD.cast on the future of evidence-based customer engagement in biopharma and discover how your company can turn the COVID-19 wake-up call into an opportunity to become stronger.

Industry insights

Digital transformation in Life Sciences - What's the status?

The results of the 12th Multichannel Maturometer survey – covering 250 life science respondents - are out! Discover how COVID-19 has quickly heightened the importance of digital transformation and change intent in the biopharma industry. 


Don't miss the webinar on the 2020 Maturometer results!

View our recorded webinar on the state of digital transformation in biopharma. Find out how COVID-19 has played a role in this process and get a view of “what’s hot & what’s not” in the pharma industry in these disruptive times! SIGN UP now


Prepare a brilliant evidence-based plan to shine in 2021 using our Navigator365™

Are you struggling to get your 2021 plan ready? Use the fresh data from our Navigator365™ platform as the backbone of your evidence-based omnichannel plan. Now you have the chance to request your own personal demo or test drive the platform yourself. Discover more in our latest "Come Across" newsletter!

Industry insights

Defining digital KPIs in a post-COVID world

Christophe Brock (Head of Impact, Across Health) shared with PME magazine some of his tricks and tactics when setting the right KPIs to evaluate the success of omnichannel campaigns in the pharma industry. Don’t miss the interview!


2K+ better-skilled people thanks to the eCademy platform open access

When COVID-19 lockdown started in March, we decided to offer our 15 Omnichannel Customer Engagement elearning modules for Life Sciences for free. Since then, 3,500 users have registered to our Excellerator platform to complete nearly 20,000 courses


Reimagine customer engagement in a post-COVID world

Next to solving the myriad of acute business priorities, you're probably already thinking about what’s next in the post-COVID era. At Across Health, we are not only helping some clients alleviate their acute omnichannel customer engagement needs but also helping them co-create “the future of the fieldforce/MSL/congresses/marketing”. Discover what we are up to in our latest "Come Across" newsletter!

Industry insights

Discover the impact of COVID-19 in our industry and what do doctors want from pharma

Do you want to know what's the impact of COVID-19 in the pharmaceutical industry and what do doctors want? Check out the results of our latest Snapshot survey and Navigator365™ Spotcheck reports.


Combining hard technology with human skills

“With the clinical market now dominated by digital native HCPs – and with access to traditional customers reducing – it’s clear that the effective and co-ordinated use of personal and non-personal (digital) channels is key to commercial success. So how is pharma getting on? 

PMLive delves into the key to omnichannel engagement in pharma, leveraging key Maturometer data.

Industry insights

2019 – Across Health Maturometer Snapshot

Digital is increasingly seen as a key contributor to the success of a product launch…but is this truly the case? Discover it yourself in our Maturometer Snapshot report.

Industry insights

2019 – Across Health Multichannel Maturometer

After 3 years of robust growth in digital marketing budgets, 2019 showed a pullback to 2017 levels.

We have a couple of hypotheses to explain this surprising finding.


Three Billboards on the Road to Multichannel

“The gap between digital supply and demand – the ‘Digital Divide’ – is greater in medical education, where HCPs’ appetite for digital engagement is not being satisfied".

PMLiVE had a good listen to what Across has to say about the Multichannel way.


Digital transformation in pharma companies: November’s 1000 to 1 topic

What is necessary for pharma’s digital transformation to accelerate? And where can pharma find the key enablers for it? See the next 1000-to-1 to find out more.


Pharma’s journey to the multichannel rep: October’s 1000 to 1 topic

The role of the rep is under the microscope. It’s clear that the traditional field force is no longer enough, and is evolving to adapt. Pharma is now moving towards a new engagement model based on a wide range of digital channels to create a seamless customer experience. Our latest blog dives into how the landscape of the multichannel rep stands today.

Industry insights

VEEVA/ACROSS whitepaper - Intelligent HCP Engagement in Europe

Pharma's digital journey has turned the corner towards robust capability and real outcomes - budgets are growing, teams are expanding and platform investments are paying dividends. Read this whitepaper produced by Across Health and Veeva to understand how your customer engagement planning can be improved. 



Segmentation models to improve communication with HCPs: August’s 1000 to 1 topic

New segmentation models can help understand the best way to engage with HCPs.

Check out August’s 1000 to 1 cartoon

Industry insights

2018 - Across Health Multichannel Maturometer

The results of Across Health’s Multichannel Maturometer 2018 survey have been released. 
Benefit from its insights in 3 steps…


The real use of the multichannel rep: May’s 1000 to 1 topic

The promise of digital engagement with stakeholders is alluring – but many worry that removing the personal contact provided by reps could undermine relationship building. One of the leading solutions to this dilemma is to turn traditional reps into multichannel orchestrators

Check out this month's 1000 to 1 cartoon.


A 1000 to 1: Across Health’s view on the topics of the day

Pharma is generating ever more content, ranging from descriptions about products to patient stories, to webinars, to emails…. But all this is irrelevant if the right physicians don’t see it at the right time. The gap between what HCPs want and what HCPs get – the digital divide – is only growing. 

Check out our new offering, Across Health's 1000 to 1, starting with this cartoon.

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