The Maturometer is back to offer a unique view into omnichannel excellence key trends


Digital transformation in biopharma: is C19 accelerating the shift – 12 months into the pandemic? 

The Across Health Maturometer, the most widely referenced research on the state of digital maturity in the life sciences is back for its 13th edition to give you a unique view into key trends in the space of digital transformation and omnichannel excellence - 12 months after C19 hit.

We structured the 2021 Maturometer in line with Gleicher’s formula for change, which states you need 4 key drivers for successful change/transformation. If one of them is missing, the result of any change/transformation effort will be suboptimal. 

We are pleased to inform you that the 13th edition closed with over 250 life science respondents. View the findings in our 45-minute webinar.

ACCESS the recording now!

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