Maturometer 2021

Maturometer 2021

Date: 24/06/2021
Hour: 16.00u
End hour: 17.00u

Is biopharma continuing to accelerate its move towards omnichannel – or is it ready to get back to the old normal?

Christoph Schmidt (Head of Strategy), Jan Keuppens (SVP Global Accounts) and Sander Geysen (Senior Consultant) share the highlights of the 2021 Maturometer survey, which will give you a unique overview of what other life sciences companies are planning and doing in the omnichannel space.

                                                                                   Download the slides


Key topics included: 

  • Organizational dimension – what’s the sense of urgency? What’s people’s take on the companywide OCE strategy? ?
  • Key investment focus – which channels, technologies, staff capabilities?
  • Budget levels for the digital component of the omnichannel mix
  • Key barriers
  • Key priorities
  • … 


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