Measuring ROI in life sciences? Not a black & white story

Measuring ROI in life sciences? Not a black & white story

Date: 11/05/2021
Hour: 16.00u
End hour: 17.00u

The first results of the 2021 Maturometer confirm that the ROI question is more important than ever. Join Jan Keuppens (SVP Global Accounts) and Christophe Brock (Head of Intelligent Execution & Impact) to learn the value of a solid impact measurement approach: it not only influences key decision-making, but it also contributes to a change of mindset.

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Key topics include: 

  • Why strong impact measurement relies on a strong strategy and business case development
    • Impact measurement as key component of campaign and customer journey strategy
  • How your omnichannel maturity influences the type & level of KPIs
    • Realistic vs “vanity” KPIs 
  • Understand the continuum between “essential” and “state-of-the-art” KPIs
  • Explore examples of how impact measurement influences key decision-making

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