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Reimagine Customer Engagement: webinar series 

How we look at the Never Normal world became a mindset. What’s the future of customer engagement? What will be needed to be successful and lead in the new space?

Optimizing the omnichannel customer experience means much, much more than simply amplifying the digital component of the mix. In essence, it’s about finally making the shift from channel-centricity to customer-centricity and truly reimagining customer engagement!

With that in mind, we have created a series of webinars to give you actionable evidence, selectively spiced up with robust Across Health experience, to address your acute omnichannel questions, while also preparing you for the longer-term future of customer engagement excellence.

You will get access to:  

      Fresh insights to enrich your hypotheses        DIY tips & tools    

     Truly hands-on business cases        Engaging live Q&A sessions 


Let’s co-create the future of omnichannel customer engagement in life sciences and bring truly transformational innovation in this space – at scale!


1.   2019-2020: Blip or shift? Key trends in the HCP mix 

Date: Thursday, Feb. 25th 16h CET

Speakers: Fonny Schenck (EVP PV&H, MD Across Health) & David Ziedman (SVP Global Accounts)

The first of this 7-webinar series takes you back to 2020, explores key shifts vs 2019, and lifts a tip of the veil on the OCE market dynamics you can expect in 2021 and beyond. 

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2.   The power of marketing & sales collaboration for omnichannel engagement 

Date: Thursday, Mar. 25th 16h CET

Speakers: Beverly Smet (SVP Global Accounts) & Christoph Schmidt (Head of Strategy)

C19 made it clear: it's time to reimagine the role of customer-facing functions! By working together, marketing and sales can really "move the needle". 

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3.   Omnichannel upskilling: transforming customer-oriented teams into omnichannel experts 

Date: Tuesday, Apr. 20th 16h CET

Speakers: Jean-Sebastien Struyf & Luisa Schirm (Senior Consultants)

Explore the significance of blended learning approaches when looking for a true transformation within pharma organizations in the New Normal era. 

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4.    Measuring ROI in life sciences? Not a black & white story 

Date: Tuesday, May 11th 16h CET

Speakers: Jan Keuppens (SVP Global Accounts) & Christophe Brock (Head of Intelligent Execution & Impact)

Our 2020 maturometer showed that the ROI question ("show me the money") is more important than ever. You will be introduced to a comprehensive KPI framework, jazzed up with some robust impact examples. 

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5.   Maturometer 2021

Date: Thursday, June 24th 16h CET

Speakers: Christoph Schmidt (Head of Strategy) & Sander Geysen (Consultant)

Did biopharma really mature digitally as a result of COVID-19 – or is it ready to get back to the old normal? The results from our annual Maturometer survey will let you take the pulse of the key trends in the omnichannel space. 

Key topics:

  • Organizational dimension – what’s the sense of urgency? What’s people’s take on the companywide OCE strategy? ?
  • Key investment focus – which channels, technologies, staff capabilities?
  • Budget levels for the digital component of the omnichannel mix
  • Key barriers
  • Key priorities
  • … 

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6.   Navigator365™ advanced uses 

Date: Thursday, Sep. 16th 16h CET

Speakers: Pim ten Tusscher (Chief Technology Officer) & Fonny Schenck (EVP PV&H, MD Across Health)

Fresh and highly actionable insights are the backbone of any truly customer-centric approach. Attend this session to learn how to get the best out of the Navigator365™ to optimize omnichannel HCP engagement for the post-COVID era. 

Key topics:

  • How to move from channel-centricity to customer-centricity using advanced Navigator365™ features
  • How to leverage hypersegmented Navigator365™ insights for superior customer experience & business impact
  • How to seamlessly apply these insights into real life using the Navigator365™ product family 
  • A sneak peek of new features & functionalities

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7.   Omnichannel Launch Excellence in the Never Normal 

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 30th 16h CET

Speakers: Ruud Kooi (SVP Global Accounts) & Luisa Schirm (Senior Consultant)

In post-C19 days more than ever before, a focused omnichannel component of a launch strategy is key for success. Boost your launch strategy and execution to win over more customers - faster. 

Key topics:

  • Omnichannel as the “booster shot” for post-C19 launches
  • The Omnichannel Launch Excellence (O.L.E.) framework explained
  • How to translate a global/regional customer-centric O.L.E blueprint into local strategy execution success? 

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Reimagine customer engagement: webinar series


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