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What does the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ predict for customer engagement in 2022?

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At the start of the year, Across Health invited pharma staff to share their predictions for 3 key customer engagement measures: HCP preference for a digital-only or mixed approach to pharma promotional engagement, their satisfaction with pharma’s digital offerings in 2022, and lastly, pharma colleagues’ satisfaction with their own digital communication. The aggregated (and anonymized) results – the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ – are shown below and make for some interesting reading!

For 2022, pharma colleagues forecast that specialists’ preference for promotional engagement that involves digital-only or a combination of digital plus F2F will nudge higher to 56% (vs 55% in 2021). In other words, they predicted that the 20% increase for digital+mix in 2020 (C19) is now reaching a new equilibrium, with 3 consecutive years of 55+% HCP preference scores for digital/mixed: omnichannel is here to stay.

Similarly, the upward trend for HCP satisfaction with pharma digital offerings is expected to increase too. But with 45% (only marginally up from 44% in 2021) estimated to be “satisfied or very satisfied” by the end of 2022, it’s clear that our participants realize that it will take the industry several more years to reach “digital/omnichannel customer excellence”.

Never let it be said that pharma thinks too highly of itself! There’s a small increase in the percentage of pharma colleagues/companies predicted to be happy with their own digital offerings, but in real terms it’s not much better than where we were 3 years ago – a clear indication that pharma knows that improvement is needed – and will take time.

What happens next?
Look out later this year once we have compiled results from Navigator365™ Core and our 2022 Maturometer™ survey. It will be fascinating to see how closely the final results of our 2022 data compare to these average predicted results from the survey. 

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