2018 - Across Health Multichannel Maturometer


The results of Across Health’s Multichannel Maturometer 2018 survey have been released.

Benefit from its insights in 3 steps…

1. Preview the highlights from the Multichannel Maturometer 2018 results here


  • Budgets are up 13.7% against 2017 – second year in a row we have seen double digit growth…
  • More and more digital teams are being put in place
  • Integrated Multichannel campaigns are being trialled 50% more than in 2016
  • But only 13% of respondents (21% of MCM staff…and only 6% of marketers) consider themselves experts in digital
  • Only 7% states they have a robust process for channel mix optimization (basically unchanged vs 2016)
  • Only 10% has a good view on HCP channel affinity (very little improvement vs 2016)
  • And budgets are not moving as quickly towards patients or payers as some may expect

2. For more details, see the deck online…

See full report

… and view the webinar …Recorded Webinar Multichannel Maturometer 2018

3. …then find out how your company compares by conducting your very own in-house survey

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