Webinar with Peter Hinssen - Disruption in Healthcare - beyond the hype

Date: 29/01/2019
End date: 29/01/2019
Hour: 17.00u
End hour: 17.30u

What is the future of healthcare? And (how) can we look at other industries to see what might happen?

Long thought of as one of the industries where disruption would arrive slowly, if at all, things are moving now - at quite a pace. Big tech names, like Amazon, Google and Apple, are ploughing dollars into the space, and so is big pharma, with Roche, Abbvie, GSK, Otsuka etc spending over 3 billion USD in 2018 only. In addition, startups with a focus on AI, VR, digital therapeutics, and many other promising technologies are looking at innovating the healthcare market.

Peter will also lead our fourth annual Healthcare Disruption Tour (25-27 March, San Francisco). There are still a few seats left – for more info, please visit www.healthcaredisruption.com

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