Navigator365™ advanced uses

Navigator365™ advanced uses

Date: 16/09/2021
Hour: 16.00u
End hour: 17.00u

In this session, Fonny Schenck (EVP PV&H, MD Across Health) and Pim ten Tusscher (Chief Technology Officer) are lifting the veil on some recent and upcoming advanced uses of Navigator365™, the industry’s leading* ecosystem for actionable omnichannel insights, planning, execution and impact tracking.

*Close to 3 out of 4 clients find Navigator365™ much better (30%) or better (43%) than the competition (source: Maturometer 2021.

                                                                                   Download the slides


Key topics included:

  • How to “go beyond averages” and compare & contrast subsegments of customers (age, gender, archetype, (sub)specialty,…) -- with just one click!
  • A sneak peek into some of the new features & functionalities:
    • advanced benchmarking
    • advanced time trends
    • Payer Navigator365™
    • Navigator365™Planner and
    • Tracker integration


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