Multichannel Maturometer 2019 results

Multichannel Maturometer 2019 results

Date: 30/07/2019
Hour: 17.00u

This webinar was presented by Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health).

After 3 years of robust growth in digital marketing budgets, 2019 showed a pullback to 2017 levels.

We have a couple of hypotheses to explain this surprising finding:

  • Hesitation to invest more in the absence of a clear view on ROI and strategic priorities/roadmap;
  • More participants who are just getting started on their digital journey;
  • A smarter use of digital dollars (“more bang for the buck”);

Across Health firmly believes that the main driver for smaller budgets is option 1. 

You can find out why in the webinar and presentation below. 

See the presentation here

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