When will pharma reach the multichannel excellence customers expect?


Multichannel excellence is the ambition for many in pharma – and is becoming the default expectation for many consumers. However, for most in pharma, it remains just that - an ambition. 

A perfect storm of new stakeholders, increased cost pressure, and an explosion in the number of available channels has focussed minds on the intersection of on and off line interaction.  This mirrors what is going on in other industries – but the fashion, banking, and retail industries were where pharma is now a decade ago. As PMLive reviews the state of the industry, and the transition from Multichannel to Omnichannel, they use Across Health’s Multichannel Maturometer data to show where there is room for improvement – and how Pharma can grow their ability to create customer-delighting engagements.

Click here to download the full article (PDF) or visit the PMLive website.

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