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Dear colleague,

As our recent Cross-Channel Navigator for GPs shows, physicians are not very excited about pharma’s digital offerings - only 25% rate them 4 or 5/5.

Overall satisfaction with Pharma digital initiatives

And according to our recent Multichannel Maturometer, pharma marketers are even less satisfied with their own digital offerings – only 13% is (very) satisfied...a similar number as in 2010!

On a more positive note, this may indicate that there are “hotspots” of digital excelllence out there: at least a core of life science professionals are on top of digital – and a subset of HCPs is giving pharma a “like”. William Gibson’s famous quote therefore surely applies too

“The future is already here -
it's just not very evenly distributed.”

In addition, 14% of pharma marketers rate their digital roll-out programmes as very clearly the digital pharma landscape is up for pervasive change (and even “disruption”?). And with a “silent majority” of over 40% of “neutral” HCPs, pharma leaders may soon start to win them over...and move the needle.

Indeed, it could well be a hot summer ahead of us – or at least an Indian summer, when we are all back at our desks!

On behalf of Across Health, I wish you a great summer break...

Best regards,


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