Results From Digital Maturity Study Show Early Signs of Acceleration


The Across Health Multichannel Maturometer shows that, while life sciences and biotech companies overall still lag in digital maturity, (rapid) change is underway.

Ghent, Belgium, July 8, 2016 (PR Newswire):  For the eighth year running, Across Health conducted a survey of life sciences to assess their overall digital maturity called the Multichannel Maturometer. The research continues to show that these companies are slow adopters of digital. While it’s true that technology is indeed disrupting the healthcare industry in numerous ways overall and customers are increasingly “digital natives”, pharma still lags behind other industries in terms of digital customer engagement. 

Limited progress at the surface…but some companies are leading the way

Fonny Schenck, CEO, Across Health states, “At 13%, average satisfaction levels remain at all-time-low levels, while average digital marketing budgets (15.7%) are status-quo for the 4th year running, and overall skill levels and channel mix optimization expertise in particular continue to be very low. However, if you look beyond these averages, some early leaders can be identified.”

Early signs of change are clear

Customer databases are increasingly cross-channel, while the pain related to execution (mix planning and campaign management platforms) and the lack of training are felt much harder than in 2015…in other words, the industry is gradually moving from “thinking to doing”.

As Fonny posits, “Our 2016 Maturometer confirms that pharma is getting ready for MCM – at last. Across the report, you can find several indicators of this trend, with around 15% of companies spending 25+% of their marketing budget and digital transformation happening (very fast) there…while the other ones are also moving towards execution, albeit more slowly”.

The day after tomorrow

However, digital strategies beyond multichannel HCP engagement – or in other words, strategies for “the day after tomorrow” risk being deprioritized as a result…for instance, only 5% feels ahead of the competition regarding MCM payer engagement (12% for patients). And key trends like mhealth and healthcare disruption are bottom of the list of the 1-2 year priorities…Fonny concludes “Digital disruption is high on the corporate agenda in other industries...pharma needs to embrace both MCM and disruption to maximize the potential of digital!”

About the Multichannel Maturometer

The Multichannel Maturometer (n = 275 for the 2016 edition, with respondents from Europe, US as well as Asia and Latin-America) has been conducted by Across Health since 2008. It tracks attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to digital maturity in life sciences. The findings help pharmaceutical and biotech companies understand where they fall along the digital transformation continuum – and how to improve their position. If you’d like more information about the study you can view the presentation on Slideshare.

Customized benchmarking studies can also be performed to compare companies vs our study averages along 4 key dimensions: strategy & organization, business processes and technology, channel integration and measurement, including strategic & tactical recommendations. For more information, please contact us.

About Across Health

Across Health is a trusted advisor to senior leaders of innovative multinational healthcare organizations. With a focus on customer engagement in the digital age, they partner with their clients to design, develop, execute and measure multichannel strategies and companywide digital readiness programs – for the short, mid and long-term.

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