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Dear colleague,

In an article in the 2017 Winter edition of the MITSloan Management Review, the authors recommend that companies choose either - but never both - of these digital strategies: a "customer engagement strategy" or a "digitized solutions strategy". 

I was surprised by this recommendation, as I feel companies need to entertain both - and a lot of readers had the same reflection (witness the comments in the Spring edition). In pharma, omnichannel customer engagement efforts can bring big-ticket, short-term, resource optimization savings while enhancing customer loyalty TODAY, while the promise of "digitized solutions" is bound to bring big returns in the medium term (TOMORROW & THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW)…What do you think?
At Across Health, we made the strategic decision to engage on both levels. We will continue to optimize and extend our omnichannel customer engagement offerings, but in 2017, you will see several exciting new Across services emerge in the “digitized solutions” (aka healthtech) advisory space. 

Our second Healthcare Disruption Tour to San Francisco and New York back in January inspired all delegates (the Tour NPS was 66!) - as well as the tour guides. A lot of what we saw, heard and sensed blew us away and had us return to our desks fully energized (despite the intensity of the journey). Watch this space for new offerings from us in this area - and feel free share your ideas & needs with us. One healthtech offering will certainly continue: the 3rd Healthcare Disruption Tour will take place 29th Jan-2nd Feb 2018… Find out more here or view our recent webinar on the topic. 

In the area of "omnichannel customer engagement", we are running the 9th annual edition of our Multichannel Maturometer, to assess key trends, challenges and the future priorities of life sciences in this space. We reached (and surpassed!) our target of 250 - and the results will be in by late May. If you completed the survey, thank you for your time. We will let you know if you won a book or an Apple Watch shortly.

I already had a first glimpse at the results, and can share that "upskilling the organization" is one of the top 3 priorities. We see a strong demand for omnichannel experts at the local and international level, which is a positive signal - yet we also wonder how this war for talent will evolve, as it’s a really small world. 

To help accelerate the omnichannel savviness, we have developed several off-the-shelf capability-building cornerstones, including: 

   •   The Missing Manual (over 1000 copies sold since the launch in September!)
   •   12 elearning modules
   •   Bespoke workshops (over 1,000 staff trained in the past 18 months)
   •   Customized playbooks for key channels 

We are also in advanced stages of developing a multiplayer multichannel game - more to follow soon.

Hope to touch base with you this year in the area of the digital solutions/healthtech/disruption strategy and/or omnichannel customer engagement strategy – both are key to sustaining and improving competitive advantage! 

Bye for now,


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