Are you a Multichannel Maestro – or do you need to go to MCM chef school?


Pharma has been serving the same food, in a very similar way, to the same customers – for a long time. The world has moved on, but the menu hasn’t. Our industry needs to develop – it is consistently cited as one of the least digitally mature. It’s time for us to become Michelin starred chefs rather than kitchen aids. 

Across Health co-launched a questionnaire with EyeForPharma to help those in Pharma evaluate where they stand – from relative beginner, to single area specialists, to all around maestro’s. While everyone wants to deliver delicious, must-have services to customers – the first part of any learning process is evaluating where we currently are. 

Ranging from ‘kitchen-aid’ – only washing up after the mistakes of others – to ‘Michelin starred chef’, having full comfort (and extensive experience) with all available channels, take the quiz to see where – and how – you can improve your skills! 

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