Reimagine the future of customer engagement: second Navigator Spotcheck update

Date: 19/05/2020
End hour: 17.00u

Do you want to know more on the HCPs behaviour changes during COVID-19 lockdown? Let Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health) walk you through the findings of our most recent Navigator Spotcheck (302 oncologists in EU5 + US). 

Some of the key questions of our second COVID-related webinar:

  • Which channels shifted most in terms of reach, impact and frequency vs Q4 2019? 
  • What kind of pharma content are HCPs looking for online?
  • Are there key differences between geo markets – and between HCP segments?
  • How do oncologists see the future role of the rep?
  • Which companies are “best-in-class”

We trust this session will help you reimagine the future of customer engagement in biopharma!

Do you have questions or want to have a chat about how Across Health can help your company during COVID-19 times and beyond? Let us know here!

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