Reaching GPs cost-effectively and with high impact is becoming an increasingly important issue for Life Sciences

Date: 05/12/2013
Hour: 17.00u

The Across Health Navigator Workbench addresses this issue by offering key tools for a fact-based approach to cross-channel offerings for GPs in 14 European markets (n= 1478). The Navigator research is based on our proven multichannel mix methodology, and assesses the reach and impact of 50 channels – offline and online, pharma-owned and third-party, marketing, sales & medical, as well as key stakeholders (payer, patient, peers,…).

It also charts the relative impact of these channels vs the product-lifecycle stages and vs key steps in the decision journey. Channel attributes and company appreciation scores are assessed as well. These actionable insights will allow marketing, sales and medical teams to optimize their budget allocation and cross-channel plans for GPs in a fact-based way.

This webinar was presented by Philip Baciaz (Principal) and Annelien Van Boxlaer (Senior Consultant, Across Health).

Key topics include:

  • Scope of the Navigator Workbench
  • Hands-on demo using dummy data
  • Sample output based on actual data
  • Potential uses of the data

If you want to learn more about the Navigator Workbench, please watch the recorded version available below.


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