ForumONE f2f experts forum

ForumONE f2f experts forum

Date: 19/11/2019
End date: 19/11/2019
Hour: 13.00u
End hour: 18.00u
Location: Basel, CH

On November 19th, Across Health organised the first ForumONE f2f experts forum in Basel - an afternoon of inspiring industry examples, expert discussions and networking opportunities for pharma executives and omnichannel professionals.

Topic of the first issue of this new networking format was Omnichannel launch excellence. Find an impression on this page, and watch out for our next stop! 

“Thanks for having me at the event yesterday – really well organized, interesting people and content”

"I liked being able to meet with my peers, to understand where they stand, what their perspectives are, and what challenges they're facing"

"Very good group of people from the industry that are doing similar things, and face similar situations as I do"

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