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2023 Global Trends Report


The State of Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Biopharma

Welcome to the latest Across Health Global Trends report, a free annual publication in which we share some of the year's most interesting insights and trends pulled from our industry-leading Navigator365™ and Maturometer™ research. Simply tap the button below and complete a short form in order to access this unique snapshot of what biopharma and its HCP specialist audiences have been thinking and doing in the omnichannel space in 2023. 

Get unmissable insights on a range of topics, including:

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  • Benchmarking analyses: which companies are leading?
  • Industry performance and digital maturity 
  • Latest metrics on the most popular channels (online and offline)

To give you an idea of what the trends report offers, we are pleased to provide you with two highlights below. 

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Taking EU5 specialists as an example, after a strong pandemic-related increase, the rise in satisfaction levels among specialists has levelled off, leaving the remaining HCPs either dissatisfied with or, at best, neutral about biopharma’s digital efforts. Combined with the fact that the proportion of HCPs describing themselves as ”very satisfied” remains very small, this shows there is still significant room for improvement – and this despite much larger digital budgets in 2023.

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Higher-scoring respondents – both passives and promoters – tend to attribute their NPS rating to Cx-related factors rather than brand attributes. Since promoters tend to prescribe significantly more than passives, the difference between an “OK” and a “great” experience – one that might bump a passive score up to a promoter score – has the potential to have a large effect and therefore represents a significant opportunity.   

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Across Health 2023 Global Trends Report

Discover our in-depth insights on the state of omnichannel customer engagement in biopharma! 


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