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Omnichannel Launch Excellence: From global to local 
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A quote, often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, goes something like this:

“If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” A similar strategy-first approach should certainly be applied to the ever more complex art and science of launching a biopharma product.

Only one chance to get it right

For pharma marketers, many of whom have never launched a product before, the product landscape looks increasingly crowded – and unforgiving. And while the pandemic has turbocharged physicians’ and other key stakeholders’ channel & content preferences and Cx expectations, only 39% of European biopharma leaders say they leverage fresh customer insights when planning their go-to-market launch blueprint (Maturometer™ 2022).

Building on our deep omnichannel and launch expertise, we have created a robust framework that enables you to design and execute an evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement launch strategy: Omnichannel Launch Excellence 2.0!

To help you achieve this optimal omnichannel launch trajectory, our framework addresses up to four key success factors, each with highly actionable and specific outputs:

  1. Start early (Medical)
  2. Decrease time to critical frequency by leveraging omnichannel (Commercial)
  3. Co-create global omnichannel blueprint to maximize local adoption and impact
  4. Track for success
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1. Start early (Medical)

More than 1-in-3 specialists in EU4+UK say they prefer to engage digitally with pharma prior to launch (these 37% will probably be your treasured innovators and early adopters – an audience that is critical to achieving maximum launch success later on). This opens a critical window for Market Access and Medical teams to leverage omnichannel opportunities that will help increase reach, frequency and impact of your key messages. Learnings from the market during this time can also ensure Commercial has their own campaign ready to go on day 1 post-approval.

At Across Health, our seasoned team of Medical omnichannel and content experts can help you optimize your Medical launch plan, while also offering uniquely actionable omnichannel Payer insights (Navigator365™ Payer) for the Access component.

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2. Decrease time to critical frequency by leveraging omnichannel (Commercial)

Even before Covid-19, launches with a strong digital component (higher digital share and richer mix of digital channels) tended to outperform more traditional launches, particularly when the digital component was continued after the typical short-term “launch burst” (IQVIA).

We have seen how Covid – and the resulting restrictions on F2F visits – strongly accelerated HCP interest in and satisfaction with pharma digital channels, making an even stronger business case for a robust omnichannel mix. But as well as improving the customer experience and overall engagement, the incorporation of pharma digital channels into your omnichannel launch strategy has the potential to significantly reduce the time to critical frequency.

We also take into account possible differences in omnichannel maturity/ambition at the local level, to ensure the local blueprint is fit for purpose. In addition, focused coaching and omnichannel skill building (including workshops, playbooks, online multiplayer customer engagement game, etc) are available in order to maximize success.

We bring a unique evidence-based experience in designing, executing and tracking omnichannel blueprints and customer journeys, including change management and training – at the international and local level.

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3. Co-create global omnichannel blueprint to maximize local adoption and impact

While the need for a high-impact localized go-to-market framework of channels and (micro)content has never been bigger, fewer than a third of local staff rate as ‘highly effective’ their headquarters’ omnichannel strategy and digital assets (Maturometer™ 2022).

So it’s hardly surprising that the volume of headquarter content deployed locally has fallen to very low levels, with fewer than 10% claiming to use half or more of the digital assets provided by HQ.

Our methodology helps you weave in the expertise and expectations of key launch markets early and robustly, thus ensuring that the international blueprint effort will be leveraged optimally.

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4. Track for success

Knowing what good looks like – and tracking this with focus – is the key to consistent world-class launch performance. Creating a balanced mix of KPIs (quantitative and qualitative, leading & lagging) at both the above-market and local market level allows the predicted impact to be monitored at the channel, campaign, customer and even competition level (Navigator365™ Benchmark). By tracking these KPIs on a common dashboard, the channel & content mix can be adapted in an agile way at the country and customer (segment) level – track, learn and adjust. In addition, common KPIs can enable you to identify the best launch countries early on, which will help accelerate evidence-based best practice sharing – and implementation.

"What a business needs most for its decisions — especially its strategic ones — are data about what goes on outside it. Only outside a business are there results, opportunities and threats."

Peter Drucker

At Across Health we create quantified omnichannel business cases leveraging the concept of MCQ (multichannel equivalent) at the customer, channel and campaign level, and develop actionable dashboards that allow you to track omnichannel strategy execution across markets.

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How Omnichannel Launch Excellence 2.0 can help you

Our thoroughly revised and extended omnichannel strategy framework is designed to enable you to generate greater launch impact through an evidence-led, cross-functional, customer-centric strategy that:

  • incorporates unrivalled HCP, Payer and pharma insights from Navigator365™ and Maturometer™
  • involves Medical early on
  • accelerates Commercial campaign design and evidence-based execution
  • increases local adoption and effectiveness
  • tracks & optimizes launch impact at the above-market and local level.

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