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The issue:

Execution at scale is rare and talented staff to “architect and execute” campaigns are even rarer. Only 18% of digital staff at the international level are considered good to excellent, and the number for local staff is just a bit higher: 30% (Maturometer 2017). In addition, marketing automation technologies are just in their infancy (only 4% are very confident here). Yet, flawless execution is clearly needed to demonstrate strong customer impact and ROI…

Our approach:

We leverage the expertise of our 50+ consultants across the globe and can run your campaign first inception to full delivery. We bring unique, extensive, pragmatic and evidence-based experience in all current and emerging digital tactics to the table, including the multichannel rep, mobile, social, website development and optimisation, search engine marketing, eMedical education, etc. In addition, our consultants can execute these projects, if needed on-site.

We have also developed a strong offering in the “Multichannel rep” area, with strong capability building, training and measurement/optimization offerings.

Last but not least, we ensure integration with your other channels, leveraging your current CRM platform or if needed, offer you our “plug-and-play” Orchestrator  MCM platform.

Key capability:

Omnichannel campaign execution 

The multichannel rep 




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