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The issue:

According to our Maturometer data, the pace of digital transformation is still very slow, and channel mix optimization and channel affinity data are seen as key weaknesses. Across Health provides you with a unique palette of services, products & data to zero in on your “as is” – as a stepping-stone to an evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

Our approach:

We offer 2 types of insight services and products:

1. Customer Insights

The Cross-Channel Navigator product range gives you all the actionable customer channel & content affinity data you need for evidence-based Multichannel planning, execution & measurement. They measure the reach and impact of over 50 channels for physicians, patients and payers – all over the world. The results are made even more actionable thanks to the unique concept of Multichannel Equivalence, which allows you to compare the impact of any channel with the gold standard of your choice (rep, MSL, medical meeting or, for patients, a trip to a physician). The channel affinity of over 15K HCPs, 2K patients and 300 payers has been collected in this way over the past 4 years.

As of Summer 2017, we have introduced the “Navigator 3.0”, which also covers what the “right content”, “right context”, “right frequency” is for key stakeholders, as well as what their views are on emerging health tech trends. It also offers a unique view of execution quality by channel for all key pharmacos – your benchmarking tool par excellence!

In addition, we can get into even more granularity and qualitatively identify the “why behind the what” with virtual focus groups. These interactive online tools focus on key customer needs, channel usage, service & content desires, as well as competitor efforts and key digital opportunities for pharma to enhance customer engagement. They seamlessly complement the quantitative Navigator offering.

We also offer a digital ecosystem analysis, which assesses the relative position of websites, apps and social media – broken down by customer journey stage (awareness, diagnosis, treatment) in a quantitative & qualitative way, and allows you to identify how you can best engage customers with your own offerings and/or partnering with key 3rd parties.

2. Company Insights

Next to the unique customer-related insight offerings, Across Health also offers excellent frameworks for companies that want to optimize and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

With the industry-leading Multichannel Maturometer, you can assess & benchmark your digital maturity internally & vs competitors, develop a roadmap, prioritize actions and track progress over time.

We also can implement a data audit/benchmark, which drills down into your current data on channels, customers and impact, and provides you with both a benchmark of where you are now, and recommendations to become a leader in the Omnichannel space.

Also the benchmarking component of the Navigator 3.0 can be a used to define where you are today compared to your competitors – and help track your evolution over time!

From this mix of tools, you will get unique insights into key competitor, customer, and company trends – as well as how you compare with the competition. This will help you build an evidence-based as-is analysis, as well as offering actionable recommendations for boosting your omnichannel strategy and priority areas.

Our offerings


Multi-channel Maturometer

Virtual focus groups

Omnichannel health check 


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