A tale of satisfied and dissatisfied pharma managers

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Dear colleague,

At just under 20% in 2014, satisfaction with digital in pharma is quite low - and not increasing...

We have been asking the (dis)satisfaction question since 2009 in our Multichannel Maturometer (formerly known as Multichannel Barometer), and decided to dig a bit deeper into the root causes for dissatisfaction. The robust sample is close to 350 respondents (satisfied: n=130, dissatisfied: n=314).

Multichannel Activities Satisfaction scale

In summary, there are clearly some striking commonalities between satisfied and dissatisfied pharma managers: they both agree on the key bottleneck being legal/regulatory hurdles, as well as on the difficulty of developing an optimal channel mix. However, satisfied managers have a much better feeling about their digital strategy, the internal teams that support these, impact measurement and the impact of key channels. Interestingly also, both groups rate "cross-channel campaigns" as the most impactful channel... but satisfied respondents execute them with much more rigour (50% higher use)...

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Best regards,

Fonny Schenck,
CEO Across Health


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