Omnichannel health check

Evaluate the as-is to accelerate the to-be

Research shows about 25-30% of CRM data is inaccurate. In addition, life science organisations often have a scattered customer data infrastructure, preventing or at least complicating omnichannel customer engagement approaches – as well as hampering the adoption of predictive marketing.

That is why Across Health has developed a framework and process for evaluating the global health of your MCM data – channels, assets, customer profiles and KPIs.

Combining an in-depth quantitative data analysis with qualitative metrics, you will be able to confidently identify which areas of the business are leading – and which may need additional support to realise your omnichannel customer engagement vision.

The following topics are covered:

Customer Data

  • Data quality & completeness
  • Data richness
  • Channel integrations
  • CRM platform
  • Channel acceptance


  • Quantity & quality of metrics and KPIs
  • Channel results per product and campaign
  • Reporting
  • Dashboarding – where and how does it all come together?


We then bring it all together in our data maturity model and prioritize next steps for our customers.

For more information, please contact Christophe Brock

For further details, please see our Predictive intelligence webinar


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