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The issue:

Pharma companies continue to be unhappy with the results of their digital efforts (only 13% are (very) satisfied – Maturometer 2017), and their customers mirror this sentiment (only 25% of HCPs are (very) pleased with pharma’s digital offerings (Navigator).

Some of the key drivers for this are a lack of customer insight, but clearly also a lack of digital capabilities (the second-most important barrier for success), a weak (channel-centric/product-centric/…) omnichannel strategy and a sole focus on the multichannel rep or isolated product-centric “shiny object” tactics.

Our approach:

We challenge your thinking, help you go beyond tactics-before-strategy “let’s do an app/website/social network” thinking, and tightly connect your online strategy to your brand & company strategy.

In this highly interactive process, we leverage several tailored offerings: innovation bootcamps, interactive channel mix business cases, digital transformation roadmaps, customer journey mapping & strategy (the top focus area for pharma in 2017, according to the Maturometer), …for physicians, patients and payers – for commercial (sales & marketing), medical and market access. All our offerings are evidence-based and data-led.

In addition, we help you identify the key priorities from an organizational perspective to leverage the omnichannel opportunity – organization & governance, processes, company culture, capability building, technologies and data, as well as measurement. We help you prioritize key opportunities and develop a strategic roadmap.

One of the key requirements here is capability building, for which we have developed a full suite of industry-leading offerings under the Excellerator umbrella (capability audit, book, elearning, workshops, channel guides and interactive games).

Last but not least, we have 2 offerings in the fast-growing healthtech space. Next to our annual Healthcare Disruption Tour, we now offer half-day senior-level “Healthcare Disruption sessions” to educate senior management on the fast-evolving world of health tech. These focus on how companies can embed future trends into their organization (M&A, incubator/accelerator, VC fund, …), and what new technologies can mean for different functions.

The outcome?

An innovative, tailored and actionable digital strategy, and teams fully capable of delivering on these.

Key capability:

Omnichannel customer-centric strategy               



eMedical strategy           

Digital transformation strategy 

Excellerator capability building  




                Channel guides

Healthcare disruption strategy   

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