The Missing Toolbox

A couple of extra tools to help
with omnichannel budget planning…

As surely as summer follows spring, budget planning returns to your life.

This is one of the most labour-intensive and stressful periods - because it defines what next year will be like for you. At the same time, it is also the key window to bring in new concepts and ideas. 

Coca-Cola marketers use the 70-20-10 principle for budgeting: 70% “now” (traditional channels/approaches); 20% “new” and 10% “next”. How about applying this to pharma? As less than 7% of pharma marketers feel they have a robust marketing mix process in place and 8% feel their colleagues are well-versed in digital (Maturometer 2018), that’s easier said than done…

To help you, Across Health is offering its annual “Missing Toolbox” – 3 actionable pieces of content and tools to help you design high-impact omnichannel campaigns - in an evidence-based way. 

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Access to a unique chapter on using agile marketing in pharma from the Across Health Missing Manual

An insight into information that can help you reach the right HCPs, with the right content, at the right time


See how you can simulate your campaigns, before they leave your desk

A closing webinar with our experts on how your campaigns can be leveraged to drive sustained behaviour change


Sign in above – over the next 2 weeks you’ll receive a series of mails offering you free insights and tools that will:

  • TEACH YOU how to implement agile marketing in a pharma context - via our chapter 'Agile Mix Planning' from the Across Health Missing Manual
    • Learn how to overcome the “shiny object” syndrome 
    • Be able to define and optimize a robust campaign in an agile way
  • GUIDE YOU on how to use evidence-based insights to optimize communications with HCPs 
    • Explore how to identify and leverage the right channel(s), content and context from within a baffling plethora of options
  • SHOW YOU a cloud-based self-service solution that can predetermine the successfulness of your omnichannel campaigns before  they even go live
    • Enable an iterative approach to optimize and augment your current planning
    • Go beyond static Powerpoint and Excel into a new (and more beautiful) world
  • HIGHLIGHTS WEBINAR: Real World Evidence
    • Attend a short webinar showcasing the process of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to create better evidence-based plans and omnichannel campaigns, using case studies and simulations
  • ANSWERS to your questions
    • Ask An Expert will be available throughout the series

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