Disruptive forces in technology and the implications for healthcare

Disruptive forces in technology and the implications for healthcare

Date: 04/04/2017
Hour: 17.00u

This webinar was presented by Fonny Schenck (CEO Across Health).

Life Sciences is an industry full of established, large companies with significant barriers to entry and often long legacies of success. But the weather is changing – and the structures and strategies which have kept these enterprises safe may soon become liabilities. What is only just becoming clear, though, is how fast this is happening. Along all key areas of the value chain, new & nimble competitors are entering the scene - and they are playing a totally different game.

Find out more about these disruptive trends, get the highlights of our second ‘Healthcare Disruption Tour’, which went to the heart of the action in Jan 2017, and learn why pharma should take note…and how it can best prepare & organize for this tsunami.

The key-topics discussed during this interactive webinar include: 

  • Key trends in healthcare disruption
  • Impressions from the second Healthcare Disruption Tour
  • Embedding disruption in pharma organisations

See the presentation

If you want to learn more on this important topic, please watch the recorded version available below.

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